Google + Local Optimization and Google AdWords

Main Objectives

  1. Create and/ or Optimize your Google+ Local Page:
    1. Claim and Verify YOUR Google Places listing.
    2. Upload all your basic business info (hours of operation, types of payment you accept, web address etc.).
    3. Categorize your Business correctly.
    4. Optimize your Place page to look great (with graphics of YOUR choice, videos, message from the owner, coupons, etc.).
      This is YOUR busines card to the world, on the Internet!

  2. Bring Your Company up on local search result ranking:
    To do this, your Company must become more RELEVANT to Google.
    1. We create and/ or optimize Your Company on the other major search engines, and do the same on some major data aggregators and business directories (like Yelp, City Search etc.)
    2. Get WEB PAGE linked in to Google Places and all other listings, and help with / do a bit of tuning on your website.
    3. Get a constant flow of REVIEWS with customized handouts.

  3. Digital Report with easy to understand pages, easy links and all access information. We will never hold you hostage! Beware of companies that don’t offer you all this information up front!

    1. MONTHLY MAINTENANCE on Google & other listings.
    2. Ongoing claiming and optimizing in business directories.
    3. Constant flow of REVIEWS.